Happiness is Being
Happy 100% of the Time

In your pursuit of happiness, you should know that it IS possible to be happy constantly.  But you should also know that in order to reach that point, it is going to take a little bit of work (or a lot a bit of work)...but it is ALL worth it!!

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How to be happy is not just a present day quandry. It is the most sought after commodity in the world...it has been since the beginning of time. More than power and riches, more than fame and truth...happiness is the desired end result of all actions and pursuits throughout history. Yet the philosophy of happiness deludes, and the pursuit of happiness eludes, most of the people on the planet.    

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I have been a performer most of my life...there have been many times when I was introduced as the “Happiest Man in the World,” not from any coaching of my own, but from their own observations of me. In fact, the first time I was introduced that way, it caught me off guard and it made me think...

...and think...

...and think.  

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The pursuit of happiness is a lifelong goal and not many people are successful at reaching it. Instead of letting you know what you should do to become happy, let me tell you the top 5 reasons why you are NOT happy.

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The first ingredient you must master in order to have maximum happiness is love. There are many levels and types of love. Here, you will learn how Love connects with Life, Light, and Laughter. 

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One of the great aspects of happiness is life. It is when you become what you really want to be. It is existing for yourself and others, not just existing until your life is over...(that’s called rotting...and there is no rotting allowed here).

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One of the awesome aspects of happiness is light. In fact, light has kind of a double purpose and meaning in the search for pure enlightenment.  Education is definitely one of the facets...while believing in, and following, a higher power is the other. The thing is, is that light goes much deeper in both regards, insomuch that people often forget about it.

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One of the feel-good aspects of happiness is laughter. It truly IS the best medicine for curing the blues, the blahs, and the blubberings. In fact, laughter is contagious and healing.

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...THE 4 Ls

The 4 Ls are the elements you need for 100% pure, real, and lasting happiness. You need all of them to be "all the way" happy.

The "4 Ls" are Love, Life, Light, and Laughter. 

If you are missing even one of the "4 Ls," it is impossible to be perfectly at peace and in joy with yourself and with others around you. Not only that, but there is a perfect blend of each ingredient (love, life, light, and laughter) that you need to create to hone your perfect happiness.

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