Happiness is LIFE

One of the great aspects of happiness is life. It is when you become what you really wanted to be. It is existing for yourself and others, not just existing until your life is over...(that’s called rotting...and there is no rotting allowed here). In the LIFE pages on this site, you will learn how Life connects with Love, Light, and Laughter in order to achieve “happy to the max” for the rest of your existence on this wonderful planet.

Although you should love your life, you shouldn’t confuse love of things for love of others. That is a different area of happiness altogether. 

Being healthy is an important part of life. It is impossible to be “happy to the max” if you don’t feel good. And speaking of feeling good...the ONLY way to feel good is to be on a NATURAL HIGH. No drugs, no alcohol, no addictive elements whatsoever...except chocolate. Attaining thrills in your life when you can actually feel them is the way to live. 

Finding your reason for living is also important. Remember when you were a kid and you said, “When I grow up, I’m gonna be a ______________” (fill in the blank). Did you do that? Did you become what you wanted to be? Did you change your mind throughout the years and then become what you changed your mind to be? Or did you give up on your dreams? Did you compromise? Did you play it safe? Are you trudging through life with no purpose, no motivation, no reason...?

Life is about finding what you ARE, WHO you are, WHY you are; and then doing something about it. Happiness is life ONLY if you are playing in the game that you want to be involved in. Why play somebody else’s game and rules? Play by your own. As long as it isn’t illegal or immoral, the skies the limit. One of the keys to lifelong happiness.

Here, in the LIFE part of being happy, you will learn how to live a healthier life, how to be high on life naturally, how to find yourself if you have been lost, how to face your fears, and how to get out of your comfort zone...all things that you must do to increase your happiness in life.  You will also be given an opportunity to download a new, royalty-free birthday song (mp3 AND sheet music) that you can learn and sing to your heart’s content at the birthdays of your loved ones as you bring joy and happiness into their lives. 

Think of the thrills you will be experiencing when you are living your dreams and finding out that one of the WONDERFUL ingredients of happiness is life.

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