How To Be Happy!

How to be happy is not just a present day quandry. It is the most sought after commodity in the has been since the beginning of time. More than power and riches, more than fame and truth...happiness is the desired end result of all actions and pursuits throughout history. Yet the philosophy of happiness deludes, and the pursuit of happiness eludes, most of the people on the planet.

What are we missing? How DO we find happiness? Is it even possible?

From childhood, we have been dreaming of our "happily ever afters," but sadness engulfs us, pain surrounds us, and disappointment envelops our lives.

Were you happy as a child? Whether you answered "yes" or "no" to that question, know that you CAN regain/forget the past and start fresh right now!!

How to begin...a basic understanding

This is a BASIC list of what you must to do be happy.

(NOTE: It WILL take more than just the basics, but if you can fulfill this list even in it's most simple form, you will be happier that you have been)

  • Love yourself and your fellow man (if you are harboring any kind of animosity towards ANYONE, total happiness is not possible)
  • Live your life well (do what you are supposed to be doing...if you are miserable in your daily/weekly/yearly/ lifelong routine, then sadness is the end result)
  • Let the light rule your day AND night (if you try to exist without continued learning and without spiritual upgrades, you COULD feel unhappy, empty, and alone constantly)
  • Learn to laugh (there is NO happiness without laughter...and I mean pure, full-of-joy, I-don't-care-who-sees-me-laughing kind of laughter)

To go beyond the basics, find YOUR blend of Love, Life, Light, and Laughter

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