The Colors and Shapes of this Site

Each of the colors and corresponding shapes have a significant purpose for this site. They each represent one of the 4 Ls (Love, Life, Light, and Laughter) which, when combined, equals total happiness!

But it goes even deeper than that...let me explain.

The Red Heart

It seems pretty natural to put the color red together with the heart. Love is blood pumping through your veins telling you that you have awesome feelings for someone, whether it is a platonic love, or a romantic manifestation!

Roses are red...

Need I say more?

Springtime represents life and new birth.

Green is the color that covers that territory. Whether it's green trees, green grass, or Kermit the Frog (It's Not Easy Being Green), green IS the color of the world. 

When you are living your life, you are being GREEN!!

The Green Tree

The Purple Sun

This one might not make sense right away to most people.

I put the sun and the color purple together for a couple of reasons.

  1. Sometimes when you think of the sun, you think of ultra-VIOLET rays.
  2. Purple stands for royalty, and since we are all children of a higher power, we are all royalty.

This is also kind of a double image. Yes, it's in the shape of a banana, (which IS connected to laughter...when someone slips on it), but if you look at it, it is also in the shape of someone's mouth WHILE they are laughing!

Yellow is funny like a rubber ducky. And don't forget that of ALL the colored M&Ms, the yellow one is the nut of the gang!


I think not!

The Yellow Banana

The Blue and Gold colors are highlighters.

They are a part of this site to enhance the other colors.

In fact, if you MAGICALLY mix the four colors together,
they either make blue or gold! Here's the equation if you need proof:



There ARE more symbols throughout this site of the shapes and colors...

...see if you can spot them!

And have a perfectly HAPPY day!!

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