Keynote Speech Topics

Here are the TOPICS at which S. Excels 

Each one of these issues deal with creating a happy atmosphere
in the workplace, at home, in your personal life, and at play!

*From Somber to Side-Splitting*

How to Make Drab Information Funny

Whether at home, at work, or during your leisure times, you are given many opportunties to have a conversation with a loved one, an employee, a customer, or a complete stranger. With some of these people, you only get one chance to make a first impression. So what do you say to grab their attention? get them to like you? get the sale or get quality job done?

The answer is as simple as making life's boring, simple, or humdrum details exciting, fun, entertaining, and/or funny.

S. Frank Stringham has the keynote speech that teaches you and your associates how to do that.

*The "L4" Factor*

(Love, Life, Light, and Laughter are the keys to true HAPPINESS!!)

Anything to the fourth power is pretty powerful…especially when you are using higher tools such as Love, Life, Light, and Laughter.  Each one of these has an impact on people in a positive way.  The masses crave them, and yet they aren’t being used to get the point across.  S. specializes in all four areas!!

Of course, the 4 L's can be broken down into sub-categories...Mr. Stringham can expound on all four subjects separately as well as collectively!!


Love is a major motivational force.  People do strange things because of love...but they also accomplish incredible feats of compassion, innovation, and technology because of the same amazing force.  


Life is doing something that is so exciting that it makes every cell in your body tingle.  Life is getting out of your box (or comfort zone) and creating miracles!!  Life is facing your fears head on and trampling them under your feet!!! 


There is a higher power that gives us enlightenment, empowerment, and illumination.  We call this power Light.  When we tap into that source, we lift ourselves up to a higher plain.  As this happens, we then have the power, the right, and the responsibility to uplift others.


When all is said and done, laughter is the best medicine.  People have been healed from cancer and other illnesses through laughter. 
Laughter, when really experienced, gives a rush that extends beyond what any drug, hallucinogen, or medication could ever create.

And finally, if you want to learn how to be more clever in your life,
S. has a lot of information to teach you how to think quick on your feet.

*To Wit*
(How To Think Quick
On Your Feet)

Have you ever wanted to retort to something someone said, but just couldn't think of it fast enough?  Have you heard someone say something witty at the right place and at the right time, and wished that you could do the same thing?  Would you like to use your cleverness and your wit to become a better (and more respected) leader / friend / spouse / parent / partner? You can learn how to be witty.  Mr. Stringham is the one who can teach you to DO WIT!!

S.-Calate Your Life!!

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