Keynote Speaker
S. Frank Stringham

Are you tired of not being able to come up with a snappy come-back in a sales meeting or amongst your friends?
Do you feel like your 
business presentations/social situations/sales seminars are boring?
How can you train yourself in "increased response time"?
What steps must you take to reach complete happiness?
Do you need more fun and laughter in your life?
Would you like to increase the bottom line of your company 
by having happier, wittier employees?

Keynote Speaker
S. Frank Stringham
will help your bottom line
at your next event.

Don't miss this chance to be persuaded, informed, and entertained by...

"The Happiest Man
in the World"
~ Author ~
~ Speaker ~
~ Entertainer ~
(Singer, Pianist, Comic)

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S.-Calate Your Life!!