Happiness is LOVE

The first ingredient you must master in order to have maximum happiness is love. There are many levels and types of love. Here, you will learn how Love connects with Life, Light, and Laughter

Note that "obsession," "lust," "control," "ownership,"and "dysfunctional neediness" are not forms of love. There are some who would equate these words to love, just as some would equate taking drugs to "living life," but they are wrong.  These negative feelings are dangerous, harmful, and toxic. They are in no wise true forms of intimacy, endearment, and devotion.

In order to find happiness in the LOVE, you should know that there are many facets of it which you need to embrace: love of self, love of your significant other, love of your fellow man, and love of your enemies. You also need to grasp the importance of forgiveness, a HUGE aspect of love and happiness.

These are all love related, but the happiness that you glean from them come from different parts of your heart and being. For example: loving your partner/spouse/significant other is a different kind of emotion than loving your neighbor. And loving yourself uses a different part of your heart and soul than the part you need to love your enemies.

It has been said that it is easier to love others more than yourself, but I submit to you that it is impossible to love anybody else if you do not love yourself first. This is the first step to realizing that the epitome, the essence, the soul of perfect happiness is love.

There are a lot of places out there that you can learn about love. But very few let you know that it is only ONE of the elements that you need to have pure, unadulterated happiness in your life. Lyrics from songs drone on and on about love. One, in fact, (no offense to John Lennon and his spouse) says that "all you need is love." Oh, how I wish it was true.  But it ain't. Love is very important in your quest for peace and joy, but it isn't the be-all, end-all.

Here, in the LOVE part of being happy, you will learn how to forgive others, you can download a free dating guide with 101 creative date ideas, you will discover great ways to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays, AND you will be invited to share some of the stories that YOU have lived wherein you have learned that one of the GREAT ingredients of happiness is love.

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