The Definition of Happiness

Here is where you will find the definition of happiness. Not JUST the dictionary version. If we rely on the dictionary to determine what happiness is, all we’ll get is a surface answer of  “the quality or state of being happy,” or “good fortune, pleasure, contentment, joy.”  To take it one step further, the word happy is defined as “delighted, pleased, or glad, as over a particular thing: to be happy to see a person.” 

It all seems so...


The TRUE Definition of Happiness

Happiness, it would seem, is being excited to get out of bed in the morning because you have great things you want to start, work on, or accomplish. It is finding people who are not happy, and helping them to get happy. It is every particle in your body jumping up and down as a result of experiences, thoughts and ideas, and feelings. It is the lack of negative emotions such as envy, greed, annoyance, guilt, embarrassment, insecurity, unworthiness, and hopelessness to name a few.  It is owning up to your faults AND your potentials and doing something about them to improve your life.  It is going to bed with the knowledge that you did things during the day that will/could/might make a difference in somebody’s life.  It is doing your life’s calling successfully.  It is having fun, loving well, being enlightened, and producing some productive giggles and guffaws in the mean time. It is learning how to be happy and STAY happy!  

The Revelation

How do people stay happy then?  The answer is: Happiness is ingrained in them.  THAT is how you can have the happiness factor going for you at ALL times.  It has to be a part of you, of your make-up, of your personality, of your being, of your heart, of your energy, of your soul. 

Happiness is not just a feeling...happiness is way of life.

At this point, you may be worried that you were not born with the happiness in your soul, heart, etc., but have no fear.  We are ALL born with it.  It is AFTER we are born, that there are circumstances or events, that happen in our lives, which start us on paths that lead us astray.  Some of the paths take the happiness out of our lives and we get lost...but it is still in us...somewhere.

Some of us have to dig deeper than others to find and then resurrect it, but it is there, resolutely fixed to our physiological, emotional and spiritual frames. As you read through these pages, do some of the exercises, and practice some of the happiness techniques included, you will realize, more and more, the truth of what I am writing.  You can and will increase your happiness by at least 18.3%!!

And eventually take it all the way to 100% Happy!

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