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It is important to note that when it comes to the
"Happy Ways to Make Money" pages,
the focus needs to remain on the "HAPPY" part of the message...
not the "money" part!
If you have money, but you are NOT happy, you are defeating the whole purpose of your life.

Create your own website! A powerful way to make money.
You can have a business that spans the whole world! 

Click here for more information (opens a new window).

Yes, I admit it. I am using a business software affiliate to build my website...but know this:

  • I am AMAZED at how easy it is...

  • I am AMAZED at how inexpensive it is...

  • I am AMAZED at how much they give you for such an extraordinary low price!

If you are considering starting your own website...not just for show, but to actually make some money, SBi! is the only way to go!

Watch the video below to see what the founder has to say about it!

It is so rare to find a product that over-delivers,
but I am very, VERY HAPPY that I found SBi!

In fact, I'm HappyToTheMax!

This is not a "get rich quick" system, but it IS:

  • a "making money with a minimal investment" plan!
  • more information than you'll ever need to form a website building business!
  • a way to sell your products to more people world-wide.
  • a way for you to get your message out there!
  • a fabulous tool to make money off of GoogleAds!
  • way to make an extra income every month...and not just "sit at home" kind of money, but "go live your dreams" kind of money (depending on your effort)!

Affiliate Marketing

Along the same lines, once you HAVE a website, you can start doing some Affiliate Marketing to make an extra income!

Affiliate Marketing

There is no need to:

  • develop products
  • stock merchandise
  • process orders or credit cards
  • have a merchant account
  • ship the goods
  • answer e-mail questions


  • affiliate programs are free to join
  • you can do it part-time
  • you can get paid by check, direct deposit or Paypal

Here is more about how Affiliate Marketing works!

Let's say you have a fun website about collecting stamps. You buy a software program called StampManage from Liberty Road Software (not a real software company). You like this program, so you check to see if they have an affiliate program. They do. They pay you a 30% commission for every sale that you refer.

You then join their affiliate program. On your website, you write a nice article about coin collecting software. You know that "stamp collecting software" is a good keyword, because you used a software program called Brainstorm It! which is included in Solo Build It! (new window opens)

Brainstorm It! tells you that over 3,000 people search for the term "stamp collecting software". So you write a review or article on your favorite "stamp collecting software", StampManage.

In this article you recommend that your visitor download the software and give it a try. They click on a link that has your affiliate code embedded in the link. Liberty Street Software gives you the code or URL to use in your link.

When a visitor decides to buy the software, you earn a 30% commission on a $49.95 sale.

Let's say another visitor to your stamp collecting hobby website, is looking for "stamp collecting books". Over 2,500 people search for this term. So you write an article about your favorite stamp collecting books.

When people click your Amazon affiliate link and buy a book from Amazon, you earn another commission. Simple!

You don't have to ship any of these orders, create the software , or write the book. It is a simple way to create profitable hobbies.

You can do this, don't you think? Couldn't you write articles about what you love to do or create or collect? There are thousands of people who have a similar interest in your hobby. It isn't hard to write about something you know and love. You are not writing a novel or an encyclopedia. You write in simple language like you would talk to your friends.

It isn't hard to create a website about your hobby. If you use Solo Build It! (new window opens) like I do.

I love SBI! 

And so will you!!

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