Relative Riches

It is important to note that when it comes to the
"Happy Ways to Make Money" pages,
the focus needs to remain on the "HAPPY" part of the message...
not the "money" part!
If you have money, but you are NOT happy, you are defeating the whole purpose of your life.

The relative riches you can have in your life come from your ability to be happy. Of course, you can be rich without money, but for now we are talking about the possibilities of having a stash of cash in your future. 

So what IS this happy way to make money?


My brother, who is a wiz at making money (or is it that money just loves him and whenever it sees him, it runs into his waiting arms?), once jokingly told me that you can "marry more money in 30 seconds than you can make in a lifetime."

Maybe he wasn't joking.

The saying, while very amusing, is also true.

The double-edged sword, however, is that this is probably one of the most difficult ways to have money in your life ever!



  1. ...when you fall in love (and "yes," you MUST be in love to be happy) it doesn't just happen overnight or with someone who has money.

    Throughout my life, I have had many opportunities to marry women who had money. They let me know that I would be well taken care of for the rest of my life. All I had to do was love them. And even though I DID love them...(for that is my creed)...I did NOT love them the way they wanted me to. I would have been an unhappy slave to money.

    Can you learn to love someone romantically? I believe you can...but if the reasoning behind your "falling in love" is because they have money, then the answer is "no."

    Ulterior motive can never justify or equal "love."

  2. many times have you heard stories about rich people posing as regular non-wealthy individuals so they could meet someone who isn't after them for their money?

    So if you are looking for someone who has money, how do you know?

    Maybe that person who you saw the other day; the one who you made that incredible connection with across the room; the one who you thought could be the one; the one who you said to yourself "Wow, they are looking good, but it doesn't look like they have any money, so I should keep looking," COULD have been the richest person you had ever met. That is a HUGE risk when it comes to falling in love AND getting the money.

  3. changes people. What would YOU be like if you had money in your life? Have you thought how your personality might change? Would the person you marry all of a sudden see a different "you" than the person they thought they fell in love with and married? Would you be able to handle the new way of life?

    And what if a pre-nuptual agreement was entered into the equation. Isn't that just a piece of paper that says "I'm not sure I trust you and I don't think you really love me for me." What would THAT do to your marriage?

    Not worth it if you won't be happy!

While we're on the Relative Riches page, I should mention that there IS another way to have money in your life happily.

That is: Be the favorite niece/nephew/grandchild of a rich uncle/aunt/grandparent. Then let them faun over you and fund your life's endeavors.

This, too, however, is a two-edged sword...for if you ARE the favorite, will you STAY the favorite if you are only BEING the favorite for the purposes of getting the cash?

I suppose it's all relative when it comes to your relatives!

I'll pray for you!

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