Be an Entrepreneur!

It is important to note that when it comes to the
"Happy Ways to Make Money" pages,
the focus needs to remain on the "HAPPY" part of the message...
not the "money" part!
If you have money, but you are NOT happy, you are defeating the whole purpose of your life.

To be an entrepreneur (a person who owns their own business), there are some things you NEED TO KNOW!!


1- If you choose a business that you love, it will not seem like work to you.

2- If you hire like-minded people to work with (and for) you, your company will grow and succeed.

3- If you build the business correctly (legally, structurally, logistically), you will get to the point where you can either:

            a- Let others run the company while you continue receiving your paychecks,
            b- Sell the company to an interested party and either:

                          i- start a new business
                         ii- retire off the money you made from the sale


1- It takes money to make money! (You will need start-up capital)

2- It always takes more money than you thought it would!

3- It always takes longer to get going than you thought it would!

If you can handle BOTH the Pros and the Cons, read on.

I used to be the National Marketing Director for a Small Business Start-Up Seminar company. When I tell you that I have helped hundreds of people raise millions of dollars, I am not exaggerating.

I want to help YOU start your company, and I AM willing to help you, but there is a “catch.”

It is NOT the same “catch” that most other companies offer you, i.e., "pay us now and if you are NOT satisfied with the results, we will send you your money back."

My "catch" is this:

It seems to me that if someone truly believes in their process, they will be willing to take more money on the back end. So if you decide to let me help you, I will NOT ask for money at the start. I only ask that once you have started making serious money, that you send me an amount that you think is fair. I won’t put a price on it. I will let YOU determine how much you think my information is worth to you!

That means that if, with my help, you don’t make any money, then you won’t have to request a refund...but if you DO make money, you will feel that you have been justly dealt with and you will feel gratitude in the amount of $____________ (you decide).

Do you feel that is fair? If so, read on.

There IS a lot of work involved, but if you are ready, willing, and able, click here:

Be an Entrepreneur, Part II

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