Who Am I?

Who am I that I can claim to be the expert on "happiness?"

My name is S. Frank Stringham. Everybody calls me "S."...yes, just "S."

I love me and everybody else in the world, I enjoy my life, I thrive on learning and communing with my Creator, and I get immense joy in being able to laugh.

I have made an extraordinary life out of ordinary circumstances. My life is so random yet full, that most people do not believe I have lived the life I have. Here are some of my life's happenings.

I have:

  • run away and joined the circus (as a clown, a ringmaster, and a balloon singer)
  • been married 2 1/2 times
  • 3 children (2 boys and a girl, biologically) and 1 adopted (unofficially) daughter
  • been married to an actual angel for the last 14 years
  • lived in a park as a homeless person
  • helped 100s of people raise millions of dollars working as a Nat'l. Mktg. Dir.
  • worked on/in/with many television, film, and stage productions
  • been a professional speaker for a majority of my life
  • performed in nearly every casino in Las Vegas
  • written a musical that has been performed to rave reviews
  • weighed more than 400 pounds, and found the way to take the weight off
  • been buzzed off of "America's Got Talent"
  • the pleasure of being the musical director for an improv troupe
  • never worked in a fast food restaurant
  • co-owned/co-managed a ribs, beans, and blues restaurant
  • 4 brothers and 2 sisters...plus 2 parents (1 mother, 1 father)
  • written a humorous monthly article for a newspaper
  • a best friend who is a clown...literally
  • been beat up and abused by supposed "friends" when I was a child
  • well, "had," the highest batting average on all my baseball teams growing up
  • the privilege of being called the "best balloon artist in the world"...until recently
  • traveled all over the world...including England, Japan, and Idaho
  • ridden on a few elephants (not just on the their backs...but also on their tusks)
  • composed hundreds of songs
  • seen some broadway plays
  • scored a movie (written the music for it)
  • seen a time in my life when I was shy
  • created birthday cards, Christmas cards, and a coloring book
  • just given you the tip of the iceburg of my life.

Does all of that qualify you to be an expert on happiness?

I would answer that by saying, "In a way...'yes,' it DOES qualify me to be an expert on happiness."

You will note that not all of the things listed were nice or happy things. There have been many "down" times in my life (one of those times lasted for 5 1/2 years). During those times, I did things, I learned things, I lived things, I loved things that helped me become the "happiest man in the world." It didn't happen overnight, but as a result, I am now able to teach others how to do it.

Just today, I was golfing with some of my friends, and one of them (who I hadn't seen for a long time) asked me what I was doing nowadays to spread joy, happiness, and laugher.
See? My friends know who I am.
I know who I am.
And just so you know, people who I meet for the first time usually figure out who I am, even if our time together is brief.

As you read MY stories and articles throughout these pages, you will begin to know me and say, "I want to have what he has"...or "I want to be happy all the time like him."

I would like that.

Naysayers and Non-Happiness Mongers

Of course there are naysayers out there. Individuals who don't believe that someone can be happy constantly. They think I am hiding a dark secret, or suppressing a toxic event from my past; or worse, they think I'm normal.


You need to understand that I know how to be happy and that I know how to teach YOU "how to be happy!"

These pages are filled with tips, tricks, exercises, stories, insights, photographs, videos, blog posts, and opportunities to make you happier.

Is that what you want?

If so, then I am your guy!!

If you found the information within these pages helpful or useful, please donate to show your support.

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