How to have a
GREAT Birthday!!

Have a GREAT birthday the next time your special day comes around. If you read on, you'll find out the best ways to do that!

My birthday is coming up, so I decided to let YOU know how to have a GREAT birthday.

Since ALL of my birthdays have been awesome and amazing, I thought I would share with you how YOU, too, can have a perfect birthday!!

I say that ALL of my birthdays have been awesome and amazing, but that's not completely true. When I turned 25 years old, I had a really hard time. I was a 1/4 of a century old and now my life was, AT LEAST a fourth over. How dumb was that?

Since then I have learned not to fear my mortality, so here are some tips and tricks to celebrating being another year older!!

  1. STRETCH IT OUT!! - Sometimes people forget and are late telling me "Happy Birthday!" They are very apologetic! I tell them not to worry because I LIKE to prolong my birthday. One year someone got my birthday mixed up with my dad's birthday (dad's birthday 12 days before mine)! That was so exciting to me because that started my birthday out perfectly...I got to stretch it out! But wait...there's more! I have a friend who turned 40 this year. She started celebrating 40 days before, counting down to the special day! So don't just make a birthDAY...make it a happy birthMONTH!!

  2. BE THE GIVER INSTEAD OF THE RECEIVER!! - It really freaks people out when you give gifts to THEM for your birthday. Read my article on How to Give the Perfect Gift for ways to do this! It is so fun to watch peoples eyes light up when you tell them that it is your birthday and to celebrate, you want to give them a gift! It makes you feel wonderful...and that is how you want to feel on your birthday!

  3. DON'T EXPECT GIFTS!! - How are you going to have a great birthday when all you do is focus on what you will be getting from others...knowing that you might not get what you wanted anyways? If people love you, that is a GREAT gift! If people give you a gift, and you weren't expecting it, that makes the gift much more appreciated, which makes the person who gave it to you much more appreciated, which makes you much more appreciated for appreciating them! It's an amazing cycle. But it only comes when you are NOT expecting anything.

  4. HAVE AN EPIC PARTY!! - I once was hired to perform at a man's 40th birthday party by his wife. During the whole circus-themed (we're talking elephants, and clowns, and stuff) the man whose birthday it was told me in confidence that his wife got mixed up and it was only his 39th birthday. But he wasn't going to tell her (I wasn't going to tell her either)! Still the birthday party was amazing! It sounds kind of expensive, doesn't it? How do you throw an epic party without going through your whole bank account?

    On my 18th birthday, I invited over 100 people. I held it in a local park. The park had everything for everyone. For my sports-minded friends, it had a baseball field, a football field, a volleyball court, and a basketball court - we played hard. For my musician friends, it had a little building that housed a piano and room enough for my friends (who I told to bring their instruments) and I to jam for a while. For my theater friends, it had a big stage where we played improv games and did some recitations and scenes. This was one of the best birthdays of my life...and guess was done without gifts. Having the people come to my party was gift enough! Decide what kind of party will make you happy and share it with everyone you know!!

  5. DON'T FORGET THE CAKE!! - If you are a cake person, either have someone make your favorite kind of cake or go get it and/or make it yourself.

    There is a local bakery where I live that has the most amazing chocolate mousse type of cake in the world! It is extremely decadent and worth it.  In years past, my mom who lives 400 miles away, has called the bakery and ordered the cake for me. But even when she did other things for me on my birthday instead, Istill called the bakery and ordered the cake for me! It is THAT good and THAT worth it!! Don't forget to do the candle thing (make a wish and blow!!!).

  6. GET SUNG TO!! - Of course, there is the classic "Happy Birthday to You" song, but there are other songs out there that fit the occasion, too. Here are a few:

"It's Your Birthday" sung by the AIRHEADS!

This is Your Birthday Song...

For those of you with a more "macabre" birthday air about you!

Have a great birthday...and if you HAVE to stretch it out for a whole year,
I say, "why not?"


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