"Smooth Talker"
Why, How, and When
to Be One

"Smooth Talker" -
Why, How, and When to Be One

I have seen people argue over a subject for hours at a time; be stubborn, bull-headed and downright nasty. In some of these arguments, it is discovered that both parties agreed the whole time about what they were arguing about, except that there was a word or two that they had totally different definitions of in their minds that caused them to argue in the first place.

The other day, I was accused of being a “Smooth Talker.”

I was taken back and offended!

To me and, I think, to most of the world, “Smooth Talker” has a negative connotation to it. One might think of a tall, debonair, good-looking man trying to talk a young lady into doing something - for HIS benefit, not for hers - all the while, making it seem like it is for her benefit. 

He is a cad,  a chauvinist, a game-player, a flatterer, a jerk, and a misogynistic PIG! ...to start...

You can see how I might have been offended...

...although I AM tall and debonair.

When I confronted the accuser, I was told that I say things to make people feel good about themselves. 

THAT IS TRUE! And I do it withOUT an ulterior motive.

So if that is being a “Smooth Talker,” then I AM a “Smooth Talker!!”

With THAT definition now out in the open, let me tell you why, how, and when to be a “Smooth Talker.”


1- If you are saying things to people to make them feel better, then you are making the world a better place. When people feel good about themselves, then there is a chance that they will pass it on. This is one of my constant goals. I can’t do it on a huge scale, but I can make the world a better place one person at a time. Then if they pay it forward, it can expand exponentially!

2- While you are making others feel better, you are also helping yourself to improve your vocabulary, your creativity, and your personality. When you force yourself to make others feel good about themselves in creative ways, it stands to chance that you will be improving yourself as well.

3- Being a “Smooth Talker” will help you with mnemonic devices. When I meet someone and I want to remember their name, or where or when I met them, I will use my “Smooth Talker” abilities to figure out a good way to retain the information.

Example conversation:

Me: “Hi, my name is S.”

Them: “Hello, my name is Alan.”

Me: “Alan? You were one of my FAVORITE characters from the Harry Potter movies!”

Them: (Pleased but questioning look on their face)

Me: “And you played the BEST bad guy EVER in the first Die Hard movie.”

Them: (Still a little puzzled...or maybe even MORE puzzled.)

Me: “And, Alan, you are the funniest ‘alien’ actor on one of my favorite comedy movies, ‘Galaxy Quest!’ You played the part to a tea!!”

Them: (Finally getting it) “Oh, my name is Alan Slade, not Alan Rickman.”

Me: “Oooohhh!! Well, it is fabulous to meet you, Alan!”

Them: (Walking away feeling good about our conversation) “You too, S.”

Notice that during the conversation, I said his name 3 times. This is a mnemonic device that subtly improves your memory skills. At the same time I was complimenting him, even though I was really complimenting Alan Rickman.

People still “hear” the compliments for themselves.

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