The Curse of
Prince Charming!

The Curse of Prince Charming is a hard one to bear.

Not that I am a prince...(though the children at the school where I teach sometimes refer to me as Prince “S.”...[it’s a good thing I’m secure in my masculinity]), but I often feel that I AM royalty because of my upbringing.

Parents who loved me and made sure I never wanted for anything.

Also, I come from the belief that we are children of a Heavenly Father who loves us...and since He is the Heavenly King, how much more royal can we get?

My mother taught all of her boys how to be gentlemen, how to have good manners, and how to treat women correctly. 

In essence, she taught us how to be “charming.” 

I can honestly say that all of the boys in my family are charming...and oftentimes, it is a CURSE!! Out of the 5 boys in my family, all but one have been married more than once.


Because we are charming!

We treat people around us kindly, we laugh and joke with them, we compliment them, we make them feel happy and good about themselves!

Charming, right?

So why does that bite us in the bud when it comes to the marriages?

Because we have had spouses that have not understood that we like to make the world a better place one person at a time...using our charm.

In my case, I had two spouses who wanted my charm to end with them. If they saw me being charming to other people (not just and children, too), they would get jealous and resentful and mean and bitter and homicidal (not wife came at me with a hammer)...

Why couldn’t they let me be who I am, knowing that they were still the most important person in my life (at the time...until they blew it)?

I know my brothers feel the same way too!

Jealousy IS the curse of Prince Charming.

I honestly believe that when you have found the right person to share your life with, you CAN live happily ever after...and that is the BLESSING of Prince Charming.

But when jealousy rears it’s ugly head, or envy (I say that because I have been in relationships where they weren’t jealous of my being charming, but they were sad because THEY didn’t have it...or so they thought...~sigh~...
...I always felt charmed when I chose to spend time with someone, otherwise I wouldn’t have been attracted to them in the first place), or spite; then Prince Charming (me) doesn’t have a chance!

I will not apologize for being charming! If there were more charming people in the world today, it would be a much nicer place...and you ALL know that to be true!

So don’t hate the charm or the charmer!!

By the are looking mighty fabulous today!!

Have a wonderful day!

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