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S Frank Stringham (everybody just calls him "S."), excels in helping others to be more happy and more witty.  S. is the kind of person you like to hang out with. Whenever you're with him, you feel good and you feel loved.  You'll laugh because of his quick wit and you'll smile because of his quick grin.

S. started out as a performer when he was very young...and throughout his life, he has used his talents to inspire students, business folk, and laymen (all of which he has been...making it easy for him to relate to people of all walks of life). 

He became a motivational speaker in 1998, a natural transition from the stage to the podium (in his mind, there is no difference...the object is the same: to inspire, to motivate, to entertain, to educate, and to heal).

Mr. Stringham uses his quick retorts and smooth repartee to make people feel good, never to tear them down.  He loves his fellow man and he believes that there is no good reason whatsoever for contention and strife.  This is one of the reasons he can teach others how to be happy.

He has been happily married for nearly 15 years to an angel (it's not often a mere mortal gets to marry and angel).

S. started his love and life in front of an audience when he did a puppet show in Kindergarten, then being the narrator for the school production of "Bambi" when he was in first grade.  He was in many school plays and he enjoyed being in front of the class so much that he was always bringing things to school for "show and tell"...even if it was just a "cool" marble or information that he had overheard from his parents talking, like his uncle and aunt were going to get a divorce (that one made my teacher gasp...that was third grade. Note: the uncle and aunt never did get divorced).

His first serious speaking engagement came at the young age of 13 when he was asked to speak to a large group of women about "what my mother means to me."  

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