Happiness is The 4 Ls

The 4 Ls are the elements you need for 100% pure, real, and lasting happiness. You need all of them to be "all the way" happy.

The "4 Ls" are Love, Life, Light, and Laughter. 

If you are missing even one of the "4 Ls," it is impossible to be perfectly at peace and in joy with yourself and with others around you. Not only that, but there is a perfect blend of each ingredient (love, life, light, and laughter) that you need to create to hone your perfect happiness.

Don't worry, when you reach the pinnacle of total happiness, it is much easier to stay there than to get there. There IS some work involved, but it is SO worth it in the end.

  • Why is it important to have all of the "Ls" in your life, and not just 1, 2, or 3 of them? 
  • Isn't it possible to be totally happy with just love and laughter, or just life and light, or just love and life, or...? Well...you get the idea.

To answer these questions, I need to address each of the "Ls" individually.

After that we'll delve into the full blend of the "4 Ls!"

LOVE, by itself, whether it’s the romantic kind, the platonic kind, the spiritual kind, or the physical kind can take you to emotional levels that many have not, nor ever will, experience.  Love, alone, can be the force that keeps some individuals going when all other aspects of their life are falling down around their toes.  Still, meaning no disrespect to John Lennon, purveyor of "All You Need is Love," love, singly and by itself, cannot increase your happiness quotient.  It is NOT all you need.  You must have the other 3 “Ls” in your life to increase your happiness.  If you had love, but no life, no light, no laughter; you would still be feeling an emptiness inside yourself that would cause you to question the relationship(s) that the love is stemming from.  

LIFE is definitely a great part of a person’s existence.  Feeling alive from doing things that are thrilling or that give you a rush in any way can add to one’s happiness, BUT having JUST life in your life cannot lend to any sort of happiness.  The rush you get may feel like a form of happiness, but, two things: 1) it is only momentary...happiness is an on-going way of being and if you are constantly running from one thrill to another, the happiness will never truly show up...2) it is usually only a physical manifestation of the act...happiness encompasses a person on many levels; physically, emotionally, spiritually, socially, etc.  Happiness goes deeper than the physical kick that life alone offers.

LIGHT, by itself, is not enough.  You will see in reading through this site, that light is a reference to both the educational kind of light, and the spiritual kind of light.  These are important in a person’s life, in fact, those who profess a closeness to a Grand Creator can feel enlightened and taken care of, both essential to a person’s feeling of happiness.  And a person who is constantly learning and being illumintated intellectually can feel a true sense of accomplishment and self-confidence, also imperative to happiness.  Yet these, again, alone will not fill the voids that can only be filled by the other three “L’s.”  Believe me...I have proof!!

Finally, LAUGHTER, in all its comparisons to happiness, cannot dwell alone in a person’s life and fill the vacant shells of TRUE happiness. People laugh in different situations and emotional states, and it is different for every individual. Even when we are talking about the kind of laughter that erupts from, 1) seeing/hearing something hilarious, or 2) laughter that stems from being pleased at an event, or 3) laughter that brings the pure joy of a moment, it is not enough.  How long can you hold on to that moment?  Can you keep laughing and laughing until your happiness increases?  You already know the answer to these questions.

In the other pages of this site, we talk about the 4 Ls separately, but the true happiness...the complete happiness...the most perfect and pure happiness appears when you combine them. That is what you will find in *THESE pages. 


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