Be an Oozer, Not a Loser!

Be an oozer, not a loser! This article is not meant for everybody. Not everybody will want to be an oozer. 

But if you want to stand out at a party...

If you want to be the popular person in a crowd...

If you desire to be desired...

...then you need to be an oozer. so read on.

I don’t listen to country’s just NOT my cup of moonshine. One day, many years ago, I was at a convention with a lot of successful people. Business owners, entrepreneurs, lawyers, etc. Suddenly a man walked in the door and everybody in the room stopped, looked, stampeded, and surrounded this man. You could see that there was something about this guy that oozed confidence, calmness, and composure. People are drawn to that and he had it.

It turns out that he was an up and coming country music star. Because I don’t know country music, I don’t remember his name...but he had the demeanor that OOZED...and I decided I wanted that. 

What I didn’t realize is that I already had it. People ARE drawn to me. People DO stop and gravitate towards me in social settings. People WANT to hang around me. People tell me I’m their best friend (some of these people, I don’t even know). The fact is, is that if I had never seen it happen to someone else, I wouldn’t have realized when was happening to me. Aha!! I am an oozer!!

So how can YOU become an oozer?

1- Wherever you go, walk with confidence. 
Be certain of yourself. People are attracted to self-assurance and aplomb. Hold your head up, keep your shoulders back (don’t slouch), and take purposeful steps. You know where you are going and you have the conviction to get there. 

Don’t be snotty or snooty in your entrances. That is NOT attractive and it is NOT synonymous with confidence.

2- Hygiene, hygiene, hygiene!
It is important that you brush your teeth, wash your clothes, bathe (or shower), and make yourself presentable. Wouldn’t it be terrible if people saw you and stampeded toward you, then turned green and stampeded away?

3- Smile!
There is nothing more inviting than a smile! People will know that they are safe with you if you smile.

4- Be tolerant, yet strong!
There may be times when the adoring crowd gets overbearing. The way you handle the masses will be key in how you are received by others. You can ask for somebody to help you control the doting horde, or you could make an announcement that you must be moving on. Tell them that you look forward to seeing them again...if that is a possibility.

5- Image IS everything!
There may be times when you have to go out in public and you are not dressed nicely, or you haven’t had a chance to de-stinkify, or your hair is messy. It is at times like these that you need to go out incognito. Don’t be an oozer! Wear frumpy clothes, a hat, sunglasses, and an up-turned collar. 

The paradox is that you aren’t ALWAYS going to be able to plan ahead and there WILL be times when you are recognized, even when you are frumpy. If that is the case, then you DO need to ooze. So walk tall and self-confident and maybe they won’t realize that you aren’t at your best!!

6- Treat everybody else as if they are oozers!
It does NOT mean someone is a loser if they are not an oozer! There are people who are shy or just don’t like the limelight...and they want to keep it that way. That does NOT make them losers! So if you, the oozer, treat them with respect and aplomb, then it will end up as a win/win for everybody!

When I saw the country music star, he had all these qualities. 

I also have them.

And when YOU use these steps, you will OOZE, too!!

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