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"When I received my 'Neon Pet' in my e- mail, I was in awe. 
every time I turn on my phone, 'I light up.

               - Julia B. 

"I named my turtle after me...'Oscar.' We kind of look alike, so the picture of him in neon looks like ME too. :-)"

          - Oscar A. 

"I got the digital 'Neon Pet' of my dog, Romeo, and I get to show it off on my phone when I'm showing actual pictures of him. Everybody loves the neon."

         - Kathleen J. 


"The neon freaks my Misty (my cat) out a bit. It's fun to watch."

       - Penelope C.

"I didn't really think that you would be able to make my fish into a neon picture. Boy, you proved ME wrong. 
It looks great!! Thanks!"
            - Margot F.

"Very nice. I really like it."
         - Rebecca M.