Designs by S.

Whether it's amazing neon artwork and animation, company logos, whiteboard presentations, or fun and funny birthday cards or gifts,
S. Frank Stringham has a gift of creating designs that brighten your moment, your day, and/or your life!!

(Note: This page is strictly for people who are interested in my portfolio. If you would like to hire me,
purchase one or more of my designs, or employ my services,
please e-mail me at

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I- Whiteboard Presentations

II- Neon Art

          A- Neon Pets

          B- Animated Neon

                    1- Names

                    2- Other Animated Designs

          B- Non-Animated Neon

                    1- The "Music is Light" Series

                    2- Other Non-Animated Designs

III- Countdown to Halloween

IV- Logos

V- Ambigrams

VI- Name Designs

VII- T-Shirt Designs for Balloon Artists

VIII- Music Clocks

IX- Fun Blog Post Cartoons/Designs

IX- Greeting Cards, Fonts, and More

          A- Greeting Cards

          B- Fonts

          C- Misc.


Business Promotions

Birthday Fun

Company Marketing

(Having a Family Re-You-Neon)

Neon Pets