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The L4 Factor, Issue #002 -- Increase Your Happiness
October 01, 2013

Love, Life, Light, and Laughter = 100% Happiness

Welcome to "The L4 Factor"...the e-Zine that let's you know what you are doing right as you head towards full time happiness, and how to make it even righter!!


Start out either today with the intent to do something in each of the 4 "L" categories.

For example:


Hold a baby animal and let it's vulnerability cause you to love it even more.

Love your community by picking up at least one piece of trash off the road.

After you have forgiven yourself for a past mistake...try and forget it completely.

Do something special for someone who you are at odds with...if you have anybody like that in your life.


Do some sort of physical activity...swim, jog, or BREATHE DEEPLY!

Start, or continue on with, a hobby...magic, cooking, or building!

Write about something you know AND love...children, unicycle riding, or playing an instrument!

Play a sport with friends...backgammon, disc golf, or baseball!


Visit a library and check out 3 them all before they are due.

Audit a class at a community college...enroll if it seems interesting to you.

Commune with to the trees, to the animals, to God (the Universe, if you will).

Take a few minutes to relive a wonderful moment from your past.


Make up a pun, i.e., "I played with dynamite last was a BLAST!!"

Write or say an alliteration, i.e, "Peter Piper Picked a Peck of Pickled Peppers."

Learn Pig Latin and use it in at least one conversation, i.e., "Ankthay Ooyay."

Try to laugh 3 different ways in a day, i.e., guffaw, snicker, through your nose, etc.


Pick one thing from each category and promise yourself that you'll do all four of those things today.

Then do it every day of the month until the next newsletter comes your way!

You'll be amazed at how much your happiness quotient will go up! can always be Happy to the Max!! ____________________________________________

See you next month!!

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