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The L4 Factor, Issue #008 -- Rainy Days
April 15, 2014

Love, Life, Light, and Laughter = 100% Happiness

Welcome to "The L4 Factor"...the e-Zine that let's you know what you are doing right as you head towards full time happiness, and how to make it even righter!!

Rainy Days and Mondays Always Make Me Happy!!

April showers bring May flowers...

A lot of people associate rain with "the blues," or "being down."

I will admit that we don't get a lot of rain in Las Vegas, so that could be a big factor as to why I don't get depressed when it rains. In fact, I get excited and I love to walk/run/dance in the rain.

But "Rainy Days" Arent Always Associated With the Weather!

People go through times in their lives when not everything is going their way. Their days feel "rainy." How do we get through those times and stay happy?

It depends on who you blame for your situation, and how you think YOU can change it!

If you blame others for the circumstances you are in, there are two things you can do to make yourself happy:

1) You can quit blaming whoever else you think is at fact, you might want to confront them, and tell them what you are thinking and feeling. They might not even know that they are the cause for your discomfort/pain/rainy day! Then you might realize that this is something that you brought on yourself anyway! Forgiving someone is a HUGE healer!..(as is asking for forgiveness).

2) Change the circumstances!! If someone has hurt you, or betrayed you, or they KEEP hurting you, or the KEEP betraying you, get away from them!

I know that is easier said than done...but I have had to do it in my life, and I am a better person now for having done it!!

It's a difficult thing to do, especially if the person who is hurting you is married to you, or is a person who brought you into this world, or was, at one time, considered your best friend! But if you go through step one with them (confront), and they don't want to change, or forgive, or be forgiven, then that relationship is toxic! You won't be happy if you stick around.

Believe me, I know!!

If You Blame Yourself...

Many people find it easier to give up on themselves than they do giving up on others. The problem is that when you DO give up on yourself, you can get into a "funk" that is hard to climb out of...and you don't even want to be around others.

This is need a support system. Find someone who can listen to you, comfort you, understand you, etc.

Some people get to a breaking point and do something drastic!

This will not happen if you follow my "3 Day Rule."

The "3 Day Rule"

It is April, a month where millions of Christians celebrate something called Easter.

Whether you believe in the story of Jesus Christ or not, I have found that there is an important lesson we can learn from His story…

According to the scriptures, He suffered for us in the Garden of Gethsemane, then on the cross at Golgotha.

After he gave up the ghost, he was buried for 3 days, after which he rose from the dead. As a result, we ALL will be raised from the dead…it is His gift to us! This is what Easter is all about…the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ!

There are times in our life when we want to give up...but I will tell you (and this has always worked for me) that if you work and wait for 3 days, the solution to your situation will present itself to you. Give it 3 days, and every time you do, you will be past, what you thought of as, the point of no return. It may still be difficult, but at least it will be more bearable!

This is another gift I believe we have been given!!

Give it 3 days!!


I tell you the Christian story, but I'm sure there are stories in every religion that verify what I'm telling you!!

This is the LIGHT of which I constantly refer to!

So April has a couple of good things associated with it…a feeling of rebirth and a the falling of the rain! These can lead you to happiness!

Walk in them both, wade through them both, dance and sing in them both!!

Click on this link to see how great, entertaining, and fun it is to sing and dance in the rain!

Sing and Dance in the Rain - with Gene Kelly

Don't be afraid to get rained on…

Henry W. Longfellow said…"Into each life some rain must fall."

S. Frank Stringham says…"Find YOUR way to be happy in the rain!!"

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