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The L4 Factor, Issue #007 -- Luck of the Happy
March 17, 2014

Love, Life, Light, and Laughter = 100% Happiness

Welcome to "The L4 Factor"...the e-Zine that let's you know what you are doing right as you head towards full time happiness, and how to make it even righter!!

Happy-Go-Lucky = Happy-Go-Make-Your-Own-Luck!

This is the month that people rely on the “Luck of the Irish.”

I don’t want to downplay the fun and magic that comes with St. Patty’s day, but I don’t want you to think that I believe in “luck” either!

There’s a reason that “Luck” is NOT one of my 4 “Ls” when it comes to happiness.

It’s because you don’t REALLY have control over it, AND I believe that you make your own kind of “luck.”

I also believe that when someone says “Good Luck” to you, that they are really cursing you...(It's a theater thing)…

Whether it's consciously or not, anytime anyone tells you "good luck," they are saying that you need to rely on something outside of your control, your circumstances, or your understanding to help you with what ever it is they are "good lucking" you about!

YOU make your own possibilities happen. If you have the will power to make it happen, if you have the drive or focus to keep at it, if you have the knowledge or know-how to make something happen, then you don't need anything as random as "luck" to make it happen. You already have the tools!

Don't rely on other people to tell you what to do!!

I will admit that I am a superstitious kind of guy when it comes to certain things.

Because I’m big into theater, I get really nervous when somebody tells me “good luck.” I either correct them and tell them to tell me to “break a leg,” or under my breath, to myself, I counter the “curse” with, “they really mean to tell me to ‘break a leg.’”

Here is a song from the movie-that-was-made-into-a-Broadway-musical-that-was-made-back-into-a-movie-musical, "The Producers," that talks about why they don't believe in good luck in the theater!

It's Bad Luck to Say Good Luck

There was one time in my life when somebody told me “good luck,” and I didn’t correct them or undo the curse under my breath, and the next day, I actually broke my leg! True story! The day after this person told me “good luck,” (which I didn’t counter) I was out disc golfing with some friends. The tee, on a disc golf course, is a big cement slab that you do your approach with to throw your disc towards the “hole.” I made a great approach. I threw the disc. The throw was sublime, it was one of my best tee-offs ever. However, when I came to the end of the cement slab, I landed with my foot on the edge, came down hard on it, twisted it...and I broke my leg!!

I don’t have problems with “Friday, the 13ths,” or “black cats crossing my path,” or even “walking under ladders,” but I DO know that there are two kinds of “luck”...”good” luck and “bad” luck.

I have a friend who always seems to have “good” luck. This friend seems to live the charmed life in every way. However, I don’t blame “luck” for the good life that they have...I attribute their good life to their attitude, their perspective...and their happiness!

That is what YOU need to do in order to be "Lucky"/Happy!!

Go make your own "LUCK!"

It's in your attitude, your perspective and your willingness to be happy!!

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