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The L4 Factor, Issue #005 -- Renewed Happiness
January 07, 2014

Love, Life, Light, and Laughter = 100% Happiness

Welcome to "The L4 Factor"...the e-Zine that let's you know what you are doing right as you head towards full time happiness, and how to make it even righter!!

Resolve to be HAPPY!!

Any time someone makes a New Year's Resolution, the end game is HAPPINESS!!

If you resolve to lose weight, if you resolve to make more money, if you resolve to never clandestinely meet your secret lover anymore because you're afraid your spouse will find out...the ultimate outcome for all of that, you hope, is happiness!

What is the END GAME?

What do you really want?

The answer is "you want to be happier."

Losing weight will make you healthier and seem more attractive to yourself and others, all of which will make you happier.

Having more money will let you buy things that you have always wanted; food, toys, cars, homes, power(?)...all of which will make you happier.

Improving your relationships (spouses, co-workers, family members, enemies) will make your life happier.

So if you you are going to make a New Year's Resolution, don't waste it on so many of the "this's and thats's"...just resolve to be happier!

When you do that, your mind, your body, and your spirit will fill in the blanks for you. And when you let your "being" do the resolving for you, you may find out that there are things in your life that you didn't even KNOW would make you happier!

Not only that, you may find out that the things that you THOUGHT would make you happy won't even matter to you. You may find that they were not "the things that happiness is made of" for you!

So this is one time you don't want to be specific...let your sub-conscious show you the particulars.

Say it with me:

"This year, I resolve to be happier than I ever have been."

That's it...that's all you need!!

Have a PERFECT 2014!!

Be Happy!!

I Love You!!

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