Fun Money

How much are your friends worth to you? 

Are they priceless?

Could you appease them with $100,000

if it was THEIR picture and
THEIR name on the money?


Give your friends (family - loved ones)
the gift of personalized money...
$100,000 to be exact
~in the form of 10 (ten) $10,000 bills!~
(or more)

They'll know they can't spend it anywhere,
but they will also know that they are worth something to YOU...

and who can put a price on that?


People OR Pets!!

(or your stuffed color).

The Back of the Bill.

What YOU will Supply.

Get Stacks of Money

$100,000 for only $25
$500,000 for only $65 (You save $60)
$1,000,000 for only $100 
(You save $150)

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